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Why Trust Us?


No company stays in business forever. This is especially true in the digital world. While we can’t predict the longevity of LivesArchived, we have taken the following steps to protect your data

1. LivesArchived has partnered with the Internet Archive, a globally trusted, nonprofit, digital library dedicated to the perpetual preservation of information. Used by such respected entities as the Library of Congress, Princeton Theological Seminary and NASA, the Internet Archive securely stores everything from 19th century wax cylinder recordings to 21st century online newspapers and videos. A portion of our fee is paid to the Internet Archive so it can continue to safely preserve the world’s valued information.

2. Uploaded items designated as “public” by an archive curator will be copied to the Internet Archive when the option is selected by the curator in the dashboard. Within a few days LivesArchived will include a link to the Internet Archive’s public repository. People can view your approved-for-the-public items either on the Internet Archive or on LivesArchived.

3. Security and quality infrastructure are fundamental to LivesArchived. We are constantly updating software and implementing security measures to ensure that your data is safe. These security and infrastructure efforts will not interrupt or alter your use of LivesArchived. They will, however, protect your public and/or private archives.

4. LivesArchived offers 100% transparency. No information stored with LivesArchived will be used for any purpose other than showcasing a person’s life’s works. Should you have any questions or concerns not answered by our User Guide, About Us or FAQ’s sections, you may contact us here. All questions will be answered within 48 hours.