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  • View any archive materials marked by the curator as Public
  • Upload to an existing archive for that archives curator to approve
  • 1 month trial for 1 archive with 3 items

1 Archive

  • 1 person biography
  • 50 photos /documents /audio
  • 50 MB max space
  • Additional space may purchased for 19.99.

1 Archive including scanning

  • 500 photos /documents /audio /video
  • We ship a pre-paid box to you
  • You fill with photos, documents, video tapes/DVD, audio tapes
  • We scan and place in the archive
  • We ship the box back to you
  • Formats like film available for an additional fee

There is a cost to long-term storage. Since we don’t do advertising, sell your information, or have ongoing subscriptions fee, money is held to pay ongoing hosting fees. The one-time fee based on how much space you want. You can always add more space if needed later for an additional cost.

We believe most people will happy with our normal package that gives you 1 archive and 50 items. If you want to store more, simply purchase an additional package for the same price.

Space is not allocated to an archive but rather you the curator. For example, if you purchased 2 normal packages, you could have 2 archives; one could that have 2 items while the other only uses 98 items.