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Quick Start Instructions

To add an archive and photos/documents is easy.

1. Register for an account with a valid email and password.
2. Click on Curator Dashboard (if you are not already on that page).
3. Click Add Person. You will be stepped through paying for archive space. This is a one-time event.
4. Put in the person's name. You will also be able to add any photos or files at this time. Click Next.
5. You will be prompted to add optional information about each item and whether you want it to be Public or Private. Items marked Private are only seen by you. That is It! You've created an archive.
6. It is likely you will want to add more photos/documents, etc. or change the person’s Bio. Simply go to the person archive page and click Edit. You may also do this from the Curator Dashboard.


What is appropriate to post?

You should post what is the best about a person. This could be things they have written, designed, created or been featured in, including photographs, articles, videos and so on. In other words, things they would put in their autobiography, portfolio, family history or retrospective.


What is not appropriate to post?

You should not post any document or text that the person, their relatives, friends and the general public would consider negative, disrespectful, indecent or libelous Examples of inappropriate content include criminal records, sensitive or damaging correspondence, pornographic images and controversial or incendiary statements. Furthermore, you cannot post copyrighted works of others. This includes song audio files.


Viewing A Person's Archive

No account or sign-in is required to view a public archive. Each person's archive has an unique URL (web address) customized with his or her name. You may share this URL by email. People may also find the URL through a search engine such as Google. Once there, just click around!