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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


What is LivesArchived?

LivesArchived is the best way to store, manage and view any kind of digital file related to a person. These digital files are the things about you or a loved one that you want to have available to the public forever.

I am new to LivesArchived. What is the best way to get started?

Our Quick Start Guide offers detailed documentation on how to use LivesArchived.

How do I report a problem to the LivesArchived team?

Send an email to We will get back to you within 24 hours.

How can you promise that the things I post will be available forever?

A portion of the one-time fee goes to a nonprofit archiving service. Additional copies of your public materials will be saved and made available on a separate, nonprofit archival website in perpetuity. This service will be put in place mid 2017.

How can I provide feedback or suggestions to the LivesArchived team?

We would love to hear from you and appreciate any feedback. Please provide your feedback or suggestions by clicking here.

Purchasing a LivesArchived archive

What do you mean by "archive"?

An archive is for a single person. There can only be one archive for that person. The archive contains anything that the person would want to share publicly forever. An archive could consist of a biography and picture or numerous documents, videos, audio clips and other items.

What is the refund period for a LivesArchived purchase?

You have 30 calendar days to try out LivesArchived and request a full refund if you are not fully satisfied.

What are you tracking about me or people in the archives?

We track only your name and email address. We do not store credit card numbers or the addresses used for purchases.

What is Stripe and what do they have to do with purchases?

Most companies do not process credit cards themselves. Instead, they use a third party credit card processor to securely handle transactions. is one of the biggest and most secure credit card processors in existence. In all likelihood you have used them without knowing it.

Browser Support

What browser requirements does LivesArchive have?

The following web browsers and versions are officially supported. Please note that there are limitations to using a mobile phone if you are uploading new items to an archive.

Browser Minimum Version
Google Chrome 54
Safari 6
Microsoft Edge 13
Firefox 43


Is my data safe on LivesArchived’s servers?

Your data is safe. Everything is backed up in multiple redundant copies, in a professionally operated data center from Amazon. Although you may think of Amazon as a retail site, they are the premier server provider globally and are used by such companies as Netflix.

What types of things and formats can I upload?

We support a variety of file formats but recommend certain types for longevity. Photos in .jpg, written words in .pdf, spoken words in .wav and video in .mp4. We prohibit unusually large files (over 100 MB), which may be an issue for long videos. We are looking for ways to store longer videos in the future. The US National Archives has a good article summarizing digital audio and video.

What types of things and formats CANNOT be uploaded?

We restrict certain file types that can cause security issues if downloaded by others. These include compressed files such as .zip and executable files such as .exe.

How do I store links to other sites?

Links to other sites can change over time. However, because links are especially important for people who use LivesArchived as a portfolio, we are exploring how links can be reliably archived. In the meantime PDF documents may contain links.

File Export

Can someone download my documents?

Any document marked Public by the curator can be downloaded by anyone. Anything marked Private is available only to the curator.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

Does LivesArchived automatically acquire rights to anything I upload?

No, we do not have the right to your uploads. Placing your photos and documents on LivesArchived does not change the ownership of your intellectual property.

When I make things public, am I giving away my copyright?

No. Your work (or the work of someone whom you are representing) is still yours (or theirs) but, by making it Public, you grant others certain rights to view and download. See our Terms of Use for the legal details.

Can I use LivesArchived to share other people's copyrighted work?

No, you cannot share other people’s copyrighted work. For example, you can’t upload someone’s favorite song from the radio as you do not own the copyright to the song. It is fine to upload a PDF file that lists a person’s favorite song but not the song itself. If someone notifies LivesArchived of a copyright violation, we will notify you and remove the files from the system as required by law. If you persist in violating copyright laws, we will permanently block your account as detailed in our Terms of Use.

Someone is sharing without my authorization. How do I ask for it to be removed?

See our copyright page and file a DMCA request.