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Curating for Others


At LivesArchived we showcase a person’s life’s work, the finest moments and memories in a life. What constitutes a life’s work remains at the discretion of the curator. What is a curator? Each archive must be created by a person, a curator, who collects, approves and uploads appropriate content. Generally, the curator will either be the subject of the archive or a trusted family member of that person.

To become a curator for a loved one, you must first have implicit consent from the individual. If you are creating a memorial archive, you must be closely connected to the deceased; for example, you could be a spouse, partner, parent, sibling, child or executor. The information that you select to publicly archive must be appropriate. Remember, LivesArchived presents the best of a person.

Keep in mind that you cannot upload copyrighted, indecent or libelous materials. For detailed information on this, please consult our Copyright and Terms of Use page.We strongly encourage people to curate their own pages. After all, no one knows your achievements and special moments better than you.

To become a curator, you need only to register on LivesArchived. Once you have registered and created an account, you can begin uploading your digitized letters, papers, certificates, plans, maps, awards, diplomas, news clippings, photos, videos and anything else of meaning to you. Don’t have your paperwork digitized? Don’t worry! Just contact LivesArchived and we can take care of the scanning for you.

Still not sure how to curate? LivesArchived’s user guide provides six quick steps to curation. If you’re still uncertain, feel free to contact us.