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About LivesArchived

Who we are

Located on the U.S. East Coast, LivesArchived LLC strives to preserve and showcase the best of a person’s life’s works and memories. You present the materials—personal papers, letters, clippings, art work, compositions, drawings, plans, photos and videos. We provide a safe, permanent, public archive for them. We ensure transparency about where the information is stored and who stores it. Whether you want to create a work portfolio, family archive, ancestral history, personal library or loved one’s memorial, LivesArchived will meet your needs.

LivesArchived seeks to share the best in all of us. Should you have any concerns or questions about a person’s archive or LivesArchived itself, please feel free to contact us.

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The story of LivesArchived

LivesArchived springs from founder Sean Dippold’s experiences with the loss of loved ones and the tremendous amount of personal effects that they, and we all, had accumulated. Again and again Sean faced the questions of what to do with his late father's diplomas, letters and awards, where to store his father-in-law's woodworking plans and how to share a lifelong friend's literary achievements. Leaving handwritten notes, newspaper clippings and photographs in boxes to molder and fade didn’t seem like fitting tributes. Yet, what else could he do with all this stuff?

There were also his own family’s achievements to consider. Professional certificates, vacation videos, school awards and work commendations were strewn about his office and house. Rather than risk misplacing or damaging them, he should secure them all in a central spot. After talking with friends and colleagues about his dilemma, Sean realized that he was not alone in this plight. Everyone needs a place to store and display life’s many accomplishments. From this need LivesArchived was born.

Since day one LivesArchived’s mission has been to safely house and exhibit a person’s life’s work for the public and for generations to come. The company ensures transparency on where these materials are stored and who stores them. It makes selecting and archiving personal information easy and worry-free.